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Employer Benefits

Employer benefits: give your employees better options at no cost to you, give your executives premium options at 75% discount, and check out how we can save your HR department time and money.

For Your Business

We know that caring for your key personnel as well as hourly staff s priority for you.  However, sometimes the best options are cost prohibitive. 

We can provide choices from life insurance to critical care coverage and tax-free, risk-free retirement solutions.  We offer attractive options for executives including portability of benefits, continuation of benefits beyond employment at no additional cost to you, and time/cost savings for your HR department.  These include financial incentives for staff to stay with your company for the long term while eliminating costs to you after 5 years.  Here are two of our most popular options that can be customized to meet your needs.

Paramount 5

  • Like a 401K with a fixed rate of growth of 6% of all contributions, as well as your funds earning additional market gains with contractually guaranteed ZERO RISK of loss even in a down market.
  • No required minimum distribution.
  • Great alternative for your employees, requires little to no upkeep from HR or owners.  Imagine offering a benefits package with a 6% bonus on all contributions – no limit, and 100% vesting WITH NO COST to the employer.
  • We will management the open enrollment for you.

Annuity graph


  • We finance 3/4 of the premiums to reduce overhead cost for employers.
  • This option is portable and provides a Tax-Free, Risk-Free Retirement alternative to the traditional 401K while also allowing tax-breaks for the employer.

For Example:

If you look at the cost of a 60k benefit package for an executive for a total cost = 1.8M over 30 years   With Kai-Zen, the same 60K benefit costs your 15k per year for 5 years for total contribution of 75K for the same 30 years.  This would save your HR benefit budget $1.725,000 over the life of the employment term WHILE PROVIDING BETTER BENEFITS as well as the option for the EMPLOYEE TO KEEP THE BENEFITS FOREVER.  The option of continued benefits beyond employment is hugely attractive to high level talent. Kaizen Example

The business pays 1/4 of the yearly cost for 5 years and offers better benefits for the lifetime of the employee.  You will be able to provide a benefit that few others can match while reducing the yearly cost of employee benefits for your practice.

 The beautiful part of this setup is that there is NO FINANCIAL RISK to your company or the insured (the employee), you can maximize executive compensation while decreasing your financial overhead, and you can essentially provide 5 benefits and retirement options all for the cost of 1, while eliminating your cost all together after 5 years.

For Your Practice

Having industry leading benefits and access to carriers with 93 – 130+ years of experience enables us to provide the most stable options for you and your company.  We pride ourselves on providing unparalleled quality of protection for our clients, their staff, and their futures.

For more information on how to eliminate risk of loss while maximizing options for your business, contact MFG at (865) 686-8204.